Kulluk Tow Incident - Chronology

January 7, 2013

  • At approximately 10:10 p.m. on January 6, 2013, the Kulluk drilling vessel was refloated from its Sitkalidak Island position under tow by the Aiviq. There were no reported injuries during this operation.
  • The Aiviq began towing the Kulluk to Kiliuda Bay, accompanied by the fleet of support and spill response vessels.
  • The Nanuq crew, utilizing infrared equipment they have on board, reports that there were no signs of a discharge and no visible fuel was trailing the Kulluk while en route to Kiliuda Bay.
  • The Kulluk arrived at the anchoring location in Kiliuda Bay at 10:00 a.m.
  • The USCG Cutter Alex Haley is monitoring anchoring operations.
  • The salvage team of 11 personnel remain onboard the Kulluk. The Kulluk remains without power due to weather damage to all on-deck generators. 
  • Operations is working toward getting a generator delivered to the Kulluk this afternoon that will provide some power needs for the Kulluk.

January 8, 2013

  • The CDU Kulluk anchored in Kiliuda Bay shortly after noon yesterday, January 7. The M/V Lauren Foss, M/V Corbin Foss, and the M/V Alert are tethered to the Kulluk and are standing by to assist as needed.
  • Five additional salvage members were placed onboard the CDU Kulluk yesterday, and the one Shell representative was removed, leaving 15 personnel aboard the CDU Kulluk.
  • A 150 kilowatt generator was placed on board the CDU Kulluk by a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Operations continue to work toward improving the habitability of the CDU Kulluk and evaluating the structural condition of the rig.
  • An underwater survey of the CDU Kulluk by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is planned for this evening. Divers are available for further assessment as necessary.
  • The UC continues to maintain personnel and equipment on scene for environmental response operations. A debris removal plan (including the lifeboats from the Kulluk) is being developed for the beaches around the grounding site.
  • The safety zone around the Kulluk has been reduced to 500 yards. A temporary flight restriction zone (three-mile radius and 5,000-foot altitude) exists around the Kulluk.

January 9, 2013

  • The CDU Kulluk remains safely anchored in Kiliuda Bay at its assessment position. In addition to being anchored, the CDU Kulluk is also tethered to the M/V Lauren Foss and the M/V Corbin Foss. There continues to be no sign of leakage in the vicinity of the CDU Kulluk.
  • Support vessels will remain with the CDU Kulluk during the structural assessment phase. Other resources that were brought on board specifically for the salvage operation are in the process of being demobilized. The M/V Alert and the M/V Perseverance were demobilized on January 8.
  • The Dive Support Vessel Sand Island arrived in Kiliuda Bay on January 8 to support Remote-Operated Vehicle (ROV) activities, and additional dive activities if needed for structural assessment.
  • ROV survey activities will begin on January 9 with a survey of the anchor and chain. The ROV survey will switch to the CDU Kulluk in preparation for survey activities of the hull for damage once additional personnel (from Det Norske Veritas, marine chemist, USCG inspector) arrive.
  • The Command Center shifted from the Downtown Marriot to the Frontier Building over the evening of January 8.
  • Plans for lifeboat and debris removal operations are being advanced. Preliminary results depict that some diesel fuel was released from at least two of the 4 lifeboats. The quantity of fuel on board these vessels was relatively small, and the environmental impact, if any, will be determined during site visits conducted to remove the vessels.