NOAA M/V Rainier Fuel Discharge

Location United States Coast Guard (US Coast Guard) Base Cargo Pier in Woman's Bay, Kodiak, Alaska. Kodiak is approximately 253 miles southwest of Anchorage (Lat/Long: 57.73064, -152.51350).
Product/Quantity The maximum potential discharge is estimated at 1,640 gallons of diesel fuel. The US Coast Guard and NOAA are currently investigating to determine actual amount discharged to Women's Bay.
Cause The cause of the spill is currently under investigation.
Time/Date of Incident Spill was reported at 12:00 p.m. September 8, 2014 to US Coast Guard as a sheen in Woman's Bay from an unknown source. The general location of the source of the spill was identified as the US Coast Guard Cargo Pier. While the US Coast Guard personnel was deploying boom the source of the spill was identified as the NOAA M/V Rainier.


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