B Street Klawock, 6317 Transformer Oil

Location 6317 B Street, Klawock, Alaska
Product/Quantity The initial report by one of the individuals involved in the oil dumping estimated 200 gallons of oil was spilled. APT told ADEC that 13 of the transformers had been drained of oil and estimates that the total aggregate of oil in the four full transformers was approximately 34 gallons. APT said that the drained transformers would contain approximately one pint of oil each. The total oil volume in the 17 transformers would have been approximately 36 gallons. APT provided ADEC with testing results on the oil in the transformers. Only two transformers had oil containing PCBs above non-detect: one had 5 ppm PCB and the other had 2 ppm PCB.
Cause The spill was caused when a group of individuals dumped the oil from 17 transformers into a small creek and adjacent soil while trying to recover copper from the transformers. Further investigation into the cause of the spill and the acquisition of the transformers by the individuals is being pursued by ADEC and the Klawock Police Department.
Time/Date of Incident January 30-31, 2016. The spill was reported to the National Response Center by an individual involved in the dumping of the oil at 9:37 pm, February 16, 2016.


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