2018 VMT Berth 5 incident

Location Berth 5, Valdez Marine Terminal
Product/Quantity The type of product spilled is Alaska North Slope Crude. Spill amount unknown at this time but is estimated to be under 200 gallons to containment. There was some spray to berth structures, equipment, and pilings. Alyeska continues to monitor the area around the clock. No sheen on water has been observed, however a small unknown quantity of spray entered the water.
Cause The cause is under investigation, but early indicators show that crude was leaking from the end caps of two (of four) loading arms into containment and strong winds caused spray of oil onto berth structures and machinery outside of containment. No tankers were loading at the time. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. has initiated an investigation to determine how and why the spill occurred.
Time/Date of Incident 0730 3 February 2018