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Nikolski Fuel Spill

Nikolski Tank Farm, Nikolski is located on Nikolski Bay, off the southwest end of Umnak Island. Approximately 166 air mile west of Unalaska
Time/Date of Incident
The actual time of the spill is unknown. The fuel spill was discovered at 4:15 p.m. on December 26, 2004. Upon discovery of the spill, Mr. Willhite immediately reported the spill to ADEC using the 24-Hour spill reporting line.
Spill Number
It was reported by Mr. Rex Willhite that the tank could contain approximated 5000 gallons of number 2 diesel fuel.
The tank developed a leak at the bottom of the tank. Preliminary information from sources on scene indicates the release was caused by corrosion.

Situation Reports

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