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T/V SeaBulk Pride Grounding

Spill Response Updates

Incident Description

At approximately 5:25 am, February 2, 2006, the tanker vessel Seabulk Pride went aground. The vessel had been moored at the KPL dock and was struck by an ice flow. The mooring lines parted causing the vessel to drift northward and go aground approximately 200 yards North of the KPL dock.

  • Vessel Information
    • Vessel Specs (Seabulk International website)
  • Vessel Drawings, showing tank locations

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February 2, 2006 Aerial view of T/V Seabulk Pride grounded in Cook Inlet off East Forelands

February 2, 2006 Aerial views of T/V Seabulk Pride taken during the 1530 overflight

February 3, 2006 Aerial view of T/V Seabulk Pride heading for Kachemak Bay after tugs freed her