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F/V Leading Lady and F/V Kupreanof Sinking

Jakolof Bay, 12 miles south of Homer, Alaska. The approximate Lat/Long is: 59⁰ 27.933N, 151⁰ 32.16W
The fishing vessels Leading Lady and Kupreanof sank sometime between the night of December 24 and afternoon of December 25, 2012, in Jakolof Bay.
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
The owner of the vessel estimates that approximately 50 gallons of diesel fuel and 35 gallons of hydraulic fluids and lube oils were on board the F/V Leading Lady at the time of sinking. All diesel fuel was released while the vessel was submerged. According to the owner, the F/V Kupreanof had no fuel on board at the time of sinking.
The exact cause of the sinking is unknown at this time; however, the area received 48 inches of snow in the prior 48 hours, which may have contributed to the sinking of the vessels.

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