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Askinuk Tank Farm Gasoline Release

Askinuk Corporation Tank Farm, Scammon Bay
Time/Date of Incident
Between April 9th and April 23rd
Spill Number
The Askinuk Corporation estimates that the spill volume is 7,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline. The spill was contained in secondary containment. Around April 17th the tank farm operator pumped water out of secondary containment into the Kun River. It is unknown if that water contained spilled product, however the operator reported seeing sheen outside of the dike of the secondary containment.
The cause of the release from the tank into the secondary containment is being investigated. Mixed water and gasoline may have been pumped over the side of the secondary containment by the tank farm operator.

Contact Information

  • Lisa Krebs-Barsis, ADEC
  • 907-269-8487


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