Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Trans-Alaska Pipeline Section


Section Manager: Vacant

The JPO/FR/PI Section is comprised of two units: the Joint Pipeline Office (JPO) Unit and the Financial Responsibility & Prevention Initiatives (FR/PI) Unit.

The JPO is an umbrella organization housing thirteen State and federal agencies that have oversight responsibilities for various elements of Trans-Alaska Pipeline System operations for the Pipeline and the Valdez Marine Terminal. It has several locations in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Valdez.

Three Section staff make up the JPO unit. Two staff that oversee the oil discharge prevention and contingency plans (CPlans) for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) Pipeline and the Valdez Marine Terminal are located in the Anchorage State Pipeline Coordinator's Office (SPCO), which represents the State of Alaska presence in the JPO.

The DEC/JPO Liaison is located in Valdez and communicates and coordinates with the SPCO and the federal JPO agencies on behalf of all DEC Divisions that have jurisdictional oversight of environmental requirements included in the Alaska State Lease of Right-of-Way and the Federal Grant of Right-of-Way for the TAPS Pipeline corridor.

ADEC/JPO Liaison: Ron Doyel
907-834-6707 - ron.doyel@alaska.gov

JPO Unit Supervisor: Vacant

JPO Unit Staff: Elizabeth Stergiou

907-269-6426 – elizabeth.stergiou@alaska.gov


Oil Discharge Prevention & Contingency Plans (CPlans):

TAPS Pipeline CPlan, No 11-CP-4071
Lead Reviewer, Vacant

Valdez Marine Terminal CPlan No. 033-CP-4057
Lead Reviewer, Elizabeth Stergiou

  • May 2008 Certificate, Approval and Findings Documents