Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, Financial Responsibility, and Prevention Initiatives (TAPS/FR/PI) Section

Updated: Jan. 3, 2013

Section Manager:
Becky Spiegel

(907) 269-7543


The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, Financial Responsibility & Prevention Initiatives (TAPS/FR/PI) Section has two units that contribute to the overall oversight and response readiness of regulated petroleum operators in Alaska.

Financial Responsibility & Prevention Initiatives Unit

The Financial Responsibility & Prevention Initiatives (FR/PI) Unit accomplishes these program tasks:

  • Reviewing and approving annual proof of financial responsibility applications for all regulated terminals, tank farms, exploration and production facilities, tank vessels, petroleum barges, nontank vessels and underground storage tanks in Alaska.
  • Approving the registration applications for all oil spill primary response action contractors providing services for hire in Alaska.
  • Managing the review and revision of oil spill prevention and preparedness regulations found in 18 AAC 75 oil spill prevention, financial responsibility, contingency plans, and response action contractors.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Unit

The TAPS Unit provides oversight for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) operations for the Pipeline and the Valdez Marine Terminal (VMT).  Three staff are assigned to the State Pipeline Coordinator’s Office (SPCO), which is part of the Joint Pipeline Office (JPO).  The JPO is an umbrella organization that houses representatives from 12 State and federal agencies that have oversight authority for various elements of TAPS operations. 


The DEC Liaison to the SPCO and JPO is located in Valdez and coordinates with DEC’s Air, Water, and Environmental Health Divisions, and the many State and federal agencies that are members of the JPO.  The DEC Liaison’s goal is to ensure the operator is complying with DEC regulatory and permit requirements and fulfilling multiple environmental and public health stipulations in the State Right-of-Way Lease and federal Grant of Right-of-Way for TAPS. 


Two Unit staff are assigned to the State Pipeline Coordinator’s Office in Anchorage.  These staff review plans, conduct and evaluate oil discharge exercises, conduct inspections, and work with Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Alyeska) to verify compliance with State statutes and regulations as well as their plans.  We work closely with many public stakeholders along the TAPS route and in the Prince William Sound area that have an interest in the safe operation of the two facilities.