Division of Spill Prevention and Response


UST System Compliance Calendar


Use this handy calendar to figure out what you need to do to keep up with your operational requirements for your UST system. Consider printing and posting it at your UST facility (PDF 163K).

What must I do?

Every Day: Do these things every day the UST is in service

Action Description
Release Detection Measurements Make sure you are taking daily fuel level measurements and logging them somewhere, either electronically or manually. This only applies for SIR or stand-alone Inventory Control.
Note all deliveries Make sure that you log in all fuel deliveries and date them on your inventory control logs.

I am doing this every day the tank is in service

Note: Not required for emergency power generator tanks

Every Month: Make sure your tanks and pipes are safe

Action Description
Monthly leak detection test Make sure that you are doing release detection right. Reconcile the last months worth of release detection readings, and check to see if you pass or fail. Keep a record of all your readings and results.
Note: Not required for emergency power generator USTs.

Check off each month you do your monthly leak detection for tank and piping.

Jan 30 Feb 28 Mar 31 Apr 30 May 31 Jun 30
Jul 31 Aug 31 Sep 30 Oct 31 Nov 31 Dec 31

Every Other Month or Every 60 Days

(Only for Steel Tanks/Piping with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)

Action Description
Take readings from your voltage rectifier and log them. Your rectifier shows the voltage of your impressed current cathodic protection system. It can tell you whether or not your system is working, and whether or not the system needs adjustments.


Suggesting readings schedule. Check each month after you take and log your reading.

Feb 28 April 30 June 30
Aug 31 Oct 31 Nov 31

Every Year

Action Description Suggested or Required Done Date Done
Submit annual registration fees For owners and operators of USTs except State and Fed govt.. No later than 12/31

Submit proof of financial responsibility No later than 12/31 _____________
Perform calibration of  automatic tank gauge Only for USTs with ATG. Suggest July _____________
Perform annual line tightness test (only in certain instances) Tightness tightness pressurized pipe Suggest hiring a tester in May _____________
Test automatic line leak detector per manufacturer's specs Make sure device is functioning properly Suggest July _____________
Test overfill alarms Alarms usually found at ATG console Suggest July _____________
Check all sumps.  Make sure they are not full of water, fuel or debris. Suggest July _____________
Read DEC's UST O&M Manual Suggested reading Save for the slow months _____________

Every 3 Years: Third Party Inspection

Action Description Due Date
Operations Inspection Hire a third party inspector to perform UST system check Check your starter tag for due date or call DEC at 1-800-478-4974
Cathodic protection test Certified CP tester checks corrosion readings on your steel tank. Every three years from last test or during UST Operations Inspection.

My next third party inspection is due _______________(Date)

The operations tags for tanks expire _______________ (Date)