Division of Spill Prevention and Response



Cover and Table of Contents

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Section I: Introduction
Purpose of This Manual; How to Use This Manual; Intended Users; How it was Developed; How it is Organized

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Section II: Fate and Effect of Oil and Routes of Exposure to Commercial Fisheries
Exposure to Commercial Fisheries; Behavior of Oil Spilled to Water; Relationship between oil characteristics and fisheries water quality sampling; Oil Type, Potential Fishery Impacts, and Sampling Considerations; Potential Routes of Exposure to Fisheries Organisms and Seafood; Potential Routes of Exposure to Vessels, Gear, and Processing Operations; Selection of Sampling Methods
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Section III: Considerations for Alaska Fisheries
Fishery Management Authority; Seafood Safety Regulatory Authority; Water Quality Standards; Public Perception and Commercial Fisheries in Alaska; Communication with Stakeholders; Establishing and Coordinating a Commercial Fisheries Work Group
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Section IV: Sampling Design
Identifying Information Needs; What type (or types) of oil was spilled?; What is the potential fate and behavior of the spilled oil?; What are the potential routes of exposure and impacts to fishery resources; Application of Sampling Methods to Assess Potential Fishery Impacts; Detection Limits; Statistical Design; Resources & Logistical Considerations; Putting it All Together: The Sampling Plan; Data Analysis and Expression of Results.

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Section V: Fisheries Water Quality Sampling Methods
Application of Sampling Methods to Assess Potential Fishery Impacts
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  Part A. Water Column Sampling Methods Introduction
Tow Net Sampling; Passive Sampling – Water Column; Whole Water Sampling for Dissolved Oil; Fluorometry Sampling; Aerial Surveillance and Tracking; Beach Surveys
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  Part B. Benthic Sampling Methods Introduction
Passive Sampling – Bottom; Active Sampling – Bottom; Sediment Sampling
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  Part C. Methods for Sampling Seawater Intakes Introduction
Vessel Seawater Intakes; Processor Seawater Intakes; Vessel Tanks & Fish Holds
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  Part D. Sampling of Commercial Fish Species, Gear, and Vessels Introduction
Harvesting Commercial Fish; Monitoring Commercial Fishing Vessels and Gear
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  Part E. Considerations for All Sampling Methods Introduction
Handling & Storing Samples; Data Collection and Management; Safety; Waste Management
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Section VI: Appendices
Appendix A: References; Appendix B: Acronyms and Abbreviations; Appendix C: Examples of Information Releases and Advisories from the M/V Selendang Ayu Fisheries Water Quality Sampling Program; Appendix D: Sample Fisheries Work Group Meeting Agenda and Meeting Summary; Appendix E: Example of Sampling Plan; Appendix F: Examples of Results Maps from M/V Selendang Ayu Water Quality Sampling Program; Appendix G: ADFG Scientific Collection Permit for Fish
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