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Oil Spill Prevention and Response Amendments

This regulations project is closed for public comment and is now under internal review.

ADEC proposes changes to selected sections of the regulations within Title 18 Chapter 75 to clarify the oil spill prevention and contingency planning and financial responsibility requirements. 

Documents and Links

Supplemental Notice of Proposed Changes- March 30, 2018
This supplemental notice is being issued to extend the public comment period in order to provide additional time for comments
Public Notice of Proposed Changes- February 23, 2018
Proposed Amendments (PDF 195K)
Summary of Changes (PDF 98K)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 80K)- Updated April 6, 2018
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are updated weekly to address questions submitted to the Department.  FAQ's will be updated until 10-days prior to closing of the public comment period.

To be rescinded if adopted

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