Division of Spill Prevention and Response


SPAR Statutes

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AS 43.40.005
Refined fuel surcharge levied
AS 43.40.007
Use of revenue derived from refined fuel surcharge
AS 43.40.035
Other refunds and credits
AS 43.40.050
Refund claim by affidavit or other documentation
AS 43.40.060
Separate invoices
AS 43.40.070
Refund warrants
AS 43.40.080
Examination of books and records
AS 43.40.085
Preservation of books and records
AS 43.40.094
Qualified dealer license
AS 43.40.100
AS 46.03.010
Declaration of policy
AS 46.03.020
Powers of the department
AS 46.03.024
Consideration in adopting pollution regulations
AS 46.03.050
AS 46.03.311
Public records
AS 46.03.365
Regulation of underground petroleum storage tank systems
AS 46.03.370
Educational assistance
AS 46.03.375
Certification of storage tank workers
AS 46.03.380
Registration of tanks and tank systems
AS 46.03.385
Registration fee
AS 46.03.390
Notification of changes in tank systems
AS 46.03.395
Notification of tank system closure
AS 46.03.400
Registration forms
AS 46.03.405
AS 46.03.440
Confidentiality of financial records
AS 46.03.450
AS 46.03.500
Notice of illegal drug manufacturing site
AS 46.03.510
Restrictions on property
AS 46.03.520
Sampling and testing procedures
AS 46.03.530
Standards for determining fitness
AS 46.03.540
Decontamination requirements
AS 46.03.550
Fitness for use
AS 46.03.560
Securing the property
AS 46.03.570
Duties of the department; regulations
AS 46.03.599
AS 46.03.710
Pollution prohibited
AS 46.03.740
Oil pollution
AS 46.03.742
Reckless operation of tank vessel
AS 46.03.743
Negligent operation of tank vessel
AS 46.03.744
Definitions for 46.03.742 46.03.744
AS 46.03.745
Hazardous substance release
AS 46.03.750
Ballast water discharge
AS 46.03.755
Discharge reporting
AS 46.03.758
Civil penalties for discharges of oil
AS 46.03.759
Civil penalties for discharges of crude oil
AS 46.03.760
Civil action for pollution; damages
AS 46.03.761
Administrative penalties
AS 46.03.763
Attorney fees and costs
AS 46.03.765
AS 46.03.770
Detention of vessel without warrant as security for damages
AS 46.03.780
Liability for restoration
AS 46.03.790
Criminal penalties
AS 46.03.820
Emergency powers
AS 46.03.822
Strict liability for the release of hazardous substances
AS 46.03.823
Hazardous substance response action contractors
AS 46.03.824
AS 46.03.825
Oil spill response action contractors
AS 46.03.826
Definitions for AS 46.03.822-46.03.828
AS 46.03.828
Other rights of action not affected
AS 46.03.850
Compliance order
AS 46.03.860
Inspection warrant
AS 46.03.865
Authority of department in cases of emergency
AS 46.03.870
Actionable rights
AS 46.03.875
Remedies cumulative
AS 46.03.890
Enforcement authority
AS 46.03.900
AS 46.04.010
Reimbursement for cleanup expenses
AS 46.04.020
Removal of oil discharges
AS 46.04.025
Confidential information
AS 46.04.030
Oil discharge prevention and contingency plans
AS 46.04.035
Registration of oil spill response action contractors
AS 46.04.040
Proof of financial responsibility
AS 46.04.045
Adjustment of dollar amounts
AS 46.04.047
Noncrude oil operations
AS 46.04.050
AS 46.04.055
Nontank vessels and railroad tank cars
AS 46.04.060
AS 46.04.065
Compliance verification for nontank vessels and for trains and related facilities and operations
As 46.04.070
Scope of regulations
AS 46.04.080
Catastrophic oil discharges
AS 46.04.090
Oil discharge cleanup personnel, equipment, expenses
AS 46.04.100
Compacts authorized
AS 46.04.110
Municipal powers limited
AS 46.04.200
State master plan
AS 46.04.210
Regional master plan
AS 46.04.900
AS 46.08.005
Purpose of fund; description of accounts
AS 46.08.010
Fund established
AS 46.08.020
Financing of the oil and hazardous substance release prevention account; prevention mitigation account
AS 46.08.025
Financing of the oil and hazardous substance release response account; release mitigation account
AS 46.08.030
Intent concerning the abatement of oil or hazardous substance releases
AS 46.08.040
Uses of the fund
AS 46.08.045
Use of the response account; declared disasters
AS 46.08.050
Records of the fund
AS 46.08.060
AS 46.08.070
Reimbursement for containment and cleanup
AS 46.08.075
Liens against property as security for state expenditures
AS 46.08.080
AS 46.09.010
Report of hazardous substance releases
AS 46.09.020
Containment and cleanup of a released hazardous substance
AS 46.09.030
Disaster emergencies
AS 46.09.040
Hazardous substance containment and cleanup
AS 46.09.050
Compacts authorized
AS 46.09.060
AS 46.09.070
AS 46.09.900