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Electronic Reporting for APDES Permits

Effective immediately, permittees with DMR requirements must submit DMR data electronically through NetDMR per Phase I of the E-Reporting Rule (40 CFR 127) upon the effective date of the Permit. Authorized persons may access permit information by logging into the NetDMR Portal ( DMRs submitted in compliance with the E-Reporting Rule are not required to be submitted as described in Appendix A of the permit – Standard Conditions unless requested or approved by the Department.

Any DMR data required by the Permit that cannot be reported in a NetDMR field (e.g. mixing zone receiving water data, etc…), shall be included as an attachment to the NetDMR submittal. DEC has established an e-Reporting Information website at that contains general information about this new reporting format. Training materials and webinars for NetDMR can be found at

Electronic Reporting Tools and Training

Alaska is using EPA's instance of the NetDMR program. EPA’s tools are web-based and require only a computer, an Internet browser, and high-speed internet access. These tools communicate securely, requiring passwords and known responses to security questions. They are designed to provide electronic submittals with the same level of legal dependability as paper submittals.

DEC encourages APDES permittees to attend EPA’s nationally scheduled training webinars as well as utilize system tips, tools, and other useful self-reporting guidance documents.

NetDMR Help Desk (877)227-8965

CDX Registration Help Desk (888)890-1995

Public Information for Facility Compliance

The Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) system allows public availability of electronically reported data. ECHO enables public searches for facilities in local communities to assess their compliance with environmental regulations. It can also be used to investigate pollution sources, examine and create enforcement-related maps, or explore states' performance.

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