What Certification Is Right For You?

Are you currently an operator?


The type and level of certification you need depends on the system you operate.  The regulations require that the supervising operator of a system be certified at a level equal to system classification.  If you are the operator of a class 2 water treatment system, you need a level 2 water treatment certificate.  Even if you are not the supervising operator, it is still important that you work toward certification at a level equal to the classified of the system you operate.

Every system that requires a certified operator is classified.  To determine the classification of your system, which is the level of certification you need, look up your system in the Operator Certification Database.  When you search for your system use very general search terms like "Kodiak" or "Fairbanks."  From the search results select your system.  To access the online database click here.

It is important to understand the regulatory requirements for systems requiring certified operators.  To access the Operator Certification Program regulations click here. The supervising operator responsibilities for large systems are discussed on page three.

For additional information regarding becoming certified click here.  If you have additional questions regarding certification, please don't hesitate to contact the Operator Certification Program at dec.opcert@alaska.gov


You need to decide what direction you want to go.  Do you want a career in potable water treatment or distribution?  Do you want a career in domestic wastewater collection or treatment?  Do you have a specific job opening in mind?  What jobs might be available in your town?  Have you talked to operators in your town to find out what jobs might be opening up?

Depending on the career path you want to pursue, you need to select the type of certification.  Certification is available in Water Treatment (the plant where they treat the water), Water Distribution (water mains, fire hydrants, water tanks), Wastewater Collection (sewer pipes, lift stations, manholes, vac trucks) and Wastewater Treatment (the plant where they treat the wastewater).  New operators start at the provisional level of certification.

If you have questions about what path might be right for you, don't hesitate to contact the Operator Certification Program.  We can answer questions you might have about each of the separated system types.  The Operator Certification Program can be reached at (907) 465-1139 or dec.opcert@alaska.gov.

To learn how to become certified click here.