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Small Cruise Ship BMP Status

Small Cruiseship and Ferry Wastewater Discharge List

The statutes allowing Best Management Practices Plans expired at the end of 2015. Legislation was passed to correct this. During 2017 vessel operators continued to operate under existing or draft Best Management Practices Plans under a  No Action Assurance Agreement (PDF)

For additional information and questions, please contact the cruise ship program. Commercial Passenger Vessels that carry over 250 passengers and choose to discharge wastewater in Alaska waters must apply for authorization to discharge. General Permit information is available on the cruise ship program GP web page.

Vessel Name BMP Number Date Approved Status
Admiralty Dream 018A-2018 3/23/2018 Current
American Constellation 038-2018 5/11/2018 Current
American Spirit 030-2015 4/13/2015 Current
Baranof Dream NA NA Under 50 passengers, no BMP needed
Chichagof Dream 018A-2018 3/23/2018 Current
Columbia 011-2014 6/19/2014 Current
Kennicott 012-2014 6/19/2014 Current
Malaspina 014-2014 6/19/2014 Current
Matanuska 015-2014 6/19/2014 Current
National Geographic Quest NA NA Awaiting Application
National Geographic Sea Bird 025-2015 3/5/2015 Current
National Geographic Sea Lion 026-2015 3/5/2015 Current
Safari Endeavour 036-2015 3/6/2015 Current
S.S. Legacy 036-2015 3/6/2015 Current
Silver Discoverer 035A-2018 3/12/2018 Current
Silver Explorer 035A-2018 3/12/2018 Current
Wilderness Adventurer 036-2015 3/6/2015 Current
Wilderness Discoverer 036-2015 3/6/2015 Current
Wilderness Explorer 036-2015 3/6/2015 Current