2007 End of Season Report

Alaska's Commercial Passenger Vessel Environmental Compliance (CPVEC) Program is established by Alaska Statute (AS) 46.03.460 - 46.03.490. The program established regulations under 18 AAC 69 effective November 15, 2002. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) Division of Water administers this program, which addresses wastewater discharges, hazardous wastes, solid wastes, and directly monitors air opacity of vessels operating in Alaska waters. Vessels must register with the CPVEC program prior to operating in Alaska.

In 2006 Alaska voters passed Ballot Measure 2, which included language requiring a general permit for large cruise ship wastewater discharge that set limits at Alaska Water Quality standards at the point of discharge. In 2007 large cruise ships operated under Compliance Order by Consent (COBC) that allowed discharge under previous federal and state legislation until an Alaska General Permit was released.

Small cruise ships (less than 250 passengers) that discharged in Alaska in 2007 operated under DEC approved Best Management Practice Plans (BMP). The Best Management Practices regulations, 18 AC 69.046, became effective on May 18, 2006. These BMP plans are regularly reviewed prior to renewal, and DEC expects progress from small vessel operators.

If you have any questions please contact Albert Faure at albert.faure@alaska.gov or (907) 465-5279.