Large Commercial Passenger Vessel Wastewater Discharge

General Permit 2008 (Replaced by 2010 General Permit 4/22/2010)

Note: The 2008 General Permit was replaced by the 2010 General Permit on 4/22/2010. That permit can be found at:
2010 General Permit Web Page

List of Large Cruise Ships that were authorized to discharge under the 2008 General Permit

File 2008 General Permit Documents
pdf General Permit Replaced by 2010 General Permit - for information only
Information Sheet Updated May 1 2008
Press Release
Commissioner's Decision on Stay of Proceedings on Cruise Ship General Permit
Notice of Request for Adjudicatory Hearing and Conditional Request for Partial Stay of Large Commercial Passenger Vessel Wastewater Discharge General Permit
Source Reduction Evaluation Guidance Letter
File 2008 General Permit Required Forms
Notice of Intent to Discharge (NOI)
Discharge Monitoring Report Form (DMR)
Discharge Monitoring Report Form (DMR) with Compliance Schedule
Noncompliance Notification Form
Accidental Discharge/Spill Notification Form

For more information contact the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water, Cruise Ship Environmental Compliance Program, (907)465-5300, 410 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 303, P.O. Box 111800, Juneau, Alaska 99811-1800 or via email to