Large Cruise Ships Authorized to Discharge under the Wastewater General Permit 2007DB0002

Authorization Number Vessel Name Date Approved by DEC
2007DB0002-0001 Norwegian Star 4/28/08
2007DB0002-0002 Norwegian Pearl 4/29/08
2007DB0002-0003 Norwegian Sun 4/29/08
2007DB0002-0004 Coral Princess Original 4/29/08
2007DB0002-0004 Coral Princess Modified 5/27/2008
2007DB0002-0005 Diamond Princess Original 4/29/08
2007DB0002-0005 Diamond Princess Modified 5/27/2008
2007DB0002-0006 Golden Princess Original 4/29/08
2007DB0002-0006 Golden Princess Modified 5/27/08
2007DB0002-0007 Dawn Princess Original 4/29/08
2007DB0002-0007 Dawn Princess Modified 5/27/2008
2007DB0002-0008 Sun Princess Original 4/30/08
2007DB0002-0008 Sun Princess Modified 5/27/08
2007DB0002-0008 Sun Princess Modified 9/15/08
2007DB0002-0009 Island Princess Original 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0009 Island Princess Modified 5/27/08
2007DB0002-0009 Island Princess Modified 7/11/08
2007DB0002-0010 Star Princess Original 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0010 Star Princess Modified 5/27/08
2007DB0002-0010 Star Princess Modified 7/11/08
2007DB0002-0011 Oosterdam Withdrawn at request of company 5/22/2009
2007DB0002-0012 Ryndam 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0013 Statendam 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0014 Veendam 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0014 Veendam Modified 7/11/08
2007DB0002-0015 Volendam 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0015 Volendam Modified 7/11/08
2007DB0002-0016 Westerdam Withdrawn at request of company 5/22/2009
2007DB0002-0017 Zaandam Original 5/2/08
2007DB0002-0017 Zaandam Modified 6/23/08
2007DB0002-0018 Celebrity Infinity Withdrawn at request of company 5/12/2009
2007DB0002-0019 Celebrity Millennium Withdrawn at request of company 5/12/2009
2007DB0002-0020 Serenade of the Seas 5/5/08
2007DB0002-0021 Radiance of the Seas Withdrawn at request of company 10/28/2009
2007DB0002-0022 Seven Seas Mariner 5/5/08
2007DB0002-0022 Seven Seas Mariner Modified 6/19/09
2007DB0002-0023 Carnival Spirit 5/16/08
2007DB0002-0024 Sapphire Princess 5/9/08
2007DB0002-0025 Silver Shadow 5/21/08
2007DB0002-0026 Pacific Princess 4/13/09
2007DB0002-0026 Pacific Princess Modified 6/18/2009
2007DB0002-0027 Sea Princess 4/13/09
2007DB0002-0027 Sea Princess Modified 6/16/2009