2017 Cruise ship Registration

The 2017 registration allows you to complete your application, as well as the option to attach supporting documents*, online. Cruise ships may also opt to pay online using Electronic Funds Transfer. Applicants are required to print out and submit by mail an original notarized vessel owner or operator's signature page. Click the link below the tables to register online now!

*note: Supporting documents may also be submitted by e-mail to DEC.WQ.Cruise@alaska.gov or by mail to DEC.

Commercial Passenger Vessels that carry over 250 passengers and choose to discharge wastewater in Alaska waters must apply for authorization to discharge. General Permit information is available on the cruise ship program web page.

2017 Vessel Registration Documents
File Documents
2017 Schedule and Description of CPVEC Requirements
File Requirement Authority Due Date
Registration Vessel Registration AS 46.03.461,
18 AAC 69.010
March 1, 2017
PDF 2016 CLIA Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) AS 46.03.465(b),
18 AAC 69.025
March 1, 2017
Non-hazardous Solid Waste Off loading and Disposal Plan AS 46.03.475(e)(1),
18 AAC 69.035
March 1, 2017
Hazardous Waste and Substance Offloading Plan AS 46.03.475(e)(2),
18 AAC 69.040
March 1, 2017
  Vessel Specific Sampling Plan (VSSP) 18 AAC 69.030 21 days before sampling as required under AS 46.03.465
Optional Vessel Wastewater Holding Plan for Non-Dischargers Optional N/A
Environmental Compliance Fee
(calculated as part of online registration)
AS 46.03.480,
18 AAC 69.015
June 1, 2017
Vessel Voyage Report 18 AAC 69.015(5) Nov 15, 2017
Deviation Report 18 AAC 69.065 Nov 15, 2017

NOTE: Please review the Online Registration Step by Step PDF Document document before proceeding to fill out the online registration.