Alaska Clean Water/Drinking Water Fund Online Questionnaire Process

SFY2018 ACWF/ADWF Online Questionnaire Solicitation is from October 23rd - November 3rd

The SFY18 Municipal ACWF/ADWF Loan Questionnaire must be submitted using the new online application system. You will also need to attach supporting documents* online.

* Supporting documents may also be submitted by email or regular mail to DEC.

Guidance Considerations

  • Please submit a questionnaire for each project you want considered for funding. Each project should be distinct in scope. If you are unsure about whether elements of a proposed project are eligible or suitable, please contact the project engineer for your community (see below).
    Additionally, three types of questionnaires are available and examples of each type are described below:
    • ACWF Point Source Projects
      • Sewerage Systems
      • Wastewater Plants
      • Compliance
      • Sludge Handling
      • Security
      • Equipment
      • Upgrades/Replacements
      • Renewable Energy
    • ACWF Non-Point Source Projects
      • Landfills (closure or expansion)
      • Source Water Protection
      • Harbors and Docks Waste Handling
      • Water Body Rehabilitation
      • Contamination/Remediation
      • Restoration - Stewardship
      • Stormwater
    • ADWF Projects
      • Reservoirs - Storage
      • Transmission/Distribution
      • Treatment Plants
      • Well Rehabilitation
      • Compliance
      • Equipment
      • Public Health
      • Security
      • Water and Energy Efficiency
  • Large projects should be phased for purposes of funding availability. In order for us to consider larger projects, suitable detailed analysis and cost estimates will need to be provided.
  • A project with ongoing phases or that has multiple state and federal funding sources, will need to clearly define the proposed project or phase within the context of the overall scope and funding elements to allow accurate comparison and scoring with the ADEC ACWF/ADWF scoring criteria.
  • The following guidance will be applied to all SFY 2018 project questionnaires. If any projects are equal in scoring, the following sequence will be used to differentiate between them for ranking order:
    1. If a project states an earlier construction date, as a result of a compliance agreement or other legal order from a federal or state agency, that project will be placed ahead of the others.
    2. The individual scores from each criteria category starting with Project Need will be compared until a difference is found. The project with the highest score in the individual category will be placed first.
    3. If the projects are from the same city, the city may request that one be placed ahead of the other.
    4. A project with an earlier date for submitting a completed questionnaire will be moved up in ranking.

For assistance, please contact Carrie Bohan (Program Manager) at 907-465-5143 (

The procedure for the FY18 questionnaire submission process is available in a "Step by Step" document available below.

If you encounter difficulties accessing or completing the on-line questionnaire, please call the Division of Water at 907-465-5180 or email