FY12 Annual Alaska Drinking Water and Clean Water Questionnaires Solicitation

The FY12 Revolving Loan Fund Questionnaires for the Alaska Drinking Water and Alaska Clean Water can now be submitted using the new online application system.

You will also have the option to attach supporting documents online.

NOTE: Supporting documents may also be submitted by email or regular mail to DEC.

The procedure for the FY12 Questionnaire submission process is described in the "Step by Step" document available below.

As stated in last year's IUP, is the inclusion of Green Projects. Similar to projects funded under ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009), the State's two loan programs, ACWF (Alaska Clean Water Fund) and ADWF (Alaska Drinking Water Fund are now on an on-going basis required to fund at least 20% of their federal annual grant program grant funding towards Green Projects. To encorage solicitation of Green Projects, the State may offer some degree of loan subsidy in the form of principle forgiveness. The amount and eligible entities to receive a subsidy will be presented in the publication of each loan program (ACWF & ADWF) draft Intended Use Plans.

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