How to Get Certified as a Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, or Wastewater Collection Operator

Exams and Certification

As of November 26, 2016, Operator Certification staff will only review an application for certification after an operator passes an exam. An operator will register for exams by completing a one page paper form or by registering online. After passing an exam, an operator can either apply for certification or register to take the next higher level exam. Applications for certification will be accepted and reviewed continuously throughout the year.

The Process:

Exams First:

  • Operators pay just an exam fee when registering for exams
  • Anyone can take level 1 exams
  • Operators are approved for exams based on having passed lower level exams
  • Click here for information to register for exams

Applications Second:

  • Operators submit applications for certification after passing an exam
  • Operators pay just an application fee
  • Applications can be submitted and reviewed continuously throughout the year
  • Click here to view the eligibility requirements for certification