How to Get Certified as a Small Untreated or Small Treated Water System Operator

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) offers certification exams for operators of small, untreated and small, treated water systems. The eligibility requirements for each exam are as follows:

  • Small Untreated Water System:
  • Small Treated Water System:

The above courses are available on the University of Alaska Southeast website

Certification Process:

Follow these steps to become certified:

  1. Complete the one page application and mail back to DEC with the $20 application fee. Click here for the application.
    1. For the proctored online exam, an email address is required since this is how we notify you of your eligibility to take the exam and exam information.
    2. For paper and pencil exams, the application must be postmarked by the deadline. Click here for the exam dates and application deadlines.
  2. Exams are administered in two versions:
    1. Traditional paper and pencil
      1. Administered twice a year in April and October at locations throughout Alaska. Specific application deadline and exam dates are available here:
    2. Proctored online
      1. Administered at nine testing centers throughout Alaska. Availability subject to testing center hours.
        1. Anchorage
        2. Fairbanks
        3. Dillingham
        4. Glennallen
        5. Palmer
        6. Kenai
        7. Ketchikan
        8. Kodiak
  3. Approval
    1. For the proctored online exam, if approved to take the exam you will be emailed all necessary exam information.
    2. For the paper and pencil exam, if approved you will be notified of the tentative exam location by mail.
  4. Costs
    1. Application fee: $20
    2. Proctor fee: $30 ($43 in Anchorage,$50 in Kenai and Fairbanks for proctored online exam)