Exam Registration and Application Forms

The forms below are available in Adobe PDF format as a printable version and one that you can fill out, print, and save on your computer's hard drive. To get the current version of Adobe Reader please click here. If you have difficulties printing the PDF versions of the applications, please contact the Operator Certification Program and we will mail or fax you the paper versions.

Exam Registration

PDF | PDF Fill-In
Complete this registration form to apply for exams. The $150 per exam fee must be included with the exam registration form.

Application for Operator Certification

PDF | PDF Fill-In
Complete this application to apply for certification once you pass the exam. The $100 application must be included with the application.
Additional work experience pages are available at PDF | PDF Fill-In.

Issues Downloading Forms

There are occasionally issues with downloading the exam registration and application pdfs using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. You may see this "error" when clicking on one of the PDF links above:

In Firefox, to download the form click on the "Open With Different Viewer" button or download icon on the top right of the screen.

In Chrome and Opera, to download the form click on the download icon on the top right of the screen.

Online Exam Registration and
Application for Operator Certification

You can register for exams or apply for certification by accessing your record in the online database located at https://dec.alaska.gov/Applications/Water/OpCert/Home.aspx?p=OperatorSearch.
For more informaiton about applying for certification online using your operator profile click here.


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