Provisional Level Certificate Upgrade to Level 1 Certificate

Provisional level certificates can be upgraded to level 1 without further testing once an operator meets the level 1 eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirement for level 1 certification is one year (1,950 hours) of operating experience of which at least six months (975 hours) must be specific to the system type requested.
An operator must submit an application with the $20 application review fee to upgrade his/her provisional level certificate. Upgrades are NOT automatic. Click here to access the application. Upgrade reviews are conducted four times a year. See the table below for the upgrade application deadlines.

Year Postmarked by:
November 22
February 21
May 23
August 22
November 21

When a provisional level certificate is upgraded to level 1, the new level 1 certificate will have the same expiration date as the provisional level certificate that it replaces. The new level 1 certificate will be subject to the renewal requirements according to the expiration date.

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