Wastewater Stabilization Ponds (WWSPs)

Eek WWSP Naknek Lagoon
Eek Wastewater Stabilization Pond (Courtesy of RUBA Program)                                                                          Naknek Wastewater Stabilization Pond (Courtesy of RUBA Program)


Small wastewater treatment systems consisting of lagoons without aeration are classified as wastewater stabilization pond (WWSP) systems. Operators of WWSP systems that serve more than 500 people or more than 100 service connections must hold WWSP certification. WWSP systems that donít meet the population or service connection minimums donít require certified operators. All other levels of wastewater treatment certification (provisional through level 4) are higher than WWSP certification and meet the certification requirement.

Exams and Certification

You must take an exam to become certified. To register for the WWSP exam, submit the registration form available at http://dec.alaska.gov/water/opcert/Docs/WWSPExamRegForm.pdf along with the $150 exam fee. You will be scheduled for the exam once your application and fee are received.

Preparing for the Exam

The exam is composed of 50 multiple choice questions.
The exam description is available here.
The exam formula sheet is available here.
A helpful study guide is available here.

department approved courses

The following are department approved courses:

University of Alaska, Southeast (UAS), Office of Continuing Education
  • Online Lagoons Course
  • Cost: $75
  • Available here.

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Operator Training and Certification Program


Please call us at (907) 465-1139 or email us at dec.opcert@alaska.gov.