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Operator Training and Certification

The Operator Training and Certification Program develops training programs, administers examinations and certifies operators of community water and wastewater systems. Our primary services are:

  • Develop training curricula, correspondence courses, certification standards, and examination materials for over 2,500 certified drinking water and wastewater system operators.
  • Coordinate and notify operators of training opportunities.
  • Work with the Alaska Water and Wastewater Advisory Board to establish standards for certifying operators and to adjudicate certification actions.
  • Maintain a lending library of reference and training materials.
  • Administer Semi-Annual Statewide Certification Exams.
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Remote Maintenance Worker Program

The Remote Maintenance Worker Program develops the capacity of Rural Alaskans to operate local water and sewer facilities, while safeguarding State and Federal capital investments in utility infrastructure. Our primary training services include:

  • Provide over-the-shoulder training and technical assistance to local water and sewer operators in over 180 rural communities through a circuit rider program.
  • Provide regional classroom training for area utility operators.
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On-Site Wastewater Disposal Systems

The Certified Installer and Approved Homeowner program trains and certifies individuals who install onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems in Alaska. Classes are held at multiple locations throughout Alaska and are set up based on level of experience. New students should sign up for the initial classes and those who have been previously certified should sign up for the refresher class. You will find all the information needed for these classes on our home page located at the link below. Our primary training goals are to:

  • Provide regional certification classes for contractors who install, repair, and maintain conventional wastewater systems.
  • Provide regional training classes to homeowners planning to install a conventional wastewater system at their primary residence.
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