Alaska Monitoring and Assessment Program 2004 Southeast Survey

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), as part of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Western States Coastal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, surveyed Alaska's Southeast province. This survey was part of a larger National Coastal Assessment (NCA) on-going assessment of the aquatic resource status of the nations' coastline. DEC established the Alaska Monitoring and Assessment Program (AKMAP) to adapt and implement regional aquatic resource surveys.

Cook Inlet Regional Citizen Advisory Council (CIRCAC) once again collaborated with DEC in July and August of 2004 to conduct the second of five regional assessments of the Alaska Coastal Assessment. The sampling was performed in July- Aug 2004. The region was selected based on its accessibility given DEC's resources. During the survey a variety of parameters were monitored: dissolved oxygen, pH, nutrients, sediment, and other biological indicators. A total of 51 sites were sampled, 11 of which were sampled only for bacteria as part DEC's Cruise Ships Program.