Alaska Monitoring and Assessment Program

The mission of DEC's Division of Water is to improve and protect the quality of all Alaskan waters and under the Clean Water Act (CWA) Sections 303(d) and 305(b) Alaska has the responsibility to report and identify causes and sources of water quality impairment by "characterizing all the waters in Alaska". One way the division carries out this mission is to monitor and report on water quality. The Alaska Monitoring & Assessment Program (AKMAP) fulfills this responsibility.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) in the mid 1990s to survey the environmental condition of the Nation's water resources. AKMAP is part of this nationwide effort and is responsible for surveying Alaska's water resources. This effort is now part of EPA national Aquatic Resource Surveys.

AKMAP surveys report on the status of Alaska's water resources with a known statistical confidence, allowing resource managers, elected officials, and the public to understand the "big picture" of Alaska's water resources. No similar probabilistic sampling surveys are currently providing regional, ecological information on such a large scale within Alaska. The EMAP implementation strategy is DEC's plan to sample and report monitoring data for large regions of Alaska in the near future.

The AKMAP has sampled coastal and fresh waters since 2002. The first wetland monitoring occurred in 2011 on the Arctic Coastal Plain. Please click on the map or table below for more information on each project.

Map of Projects

Project Status
2002 Southcentral Completed
2004 Southeast Completed
2006-2007 Aleutian Islands Completed
2009 Kachemak Bay Completed
2010-2012 Chukchi Sea Completed
2014 Offshore Oil and Gas (Simpson Lagoon) Completed
2004-2005 Tanana Watershed Wadeable Streams Completed
2006 Tanana River Basin Completed
2008 Cook Inlet Lakes Completed
2009 Yukon River Completed
2013 Arctic Coastal Plain Lakes Data Analysis
2015 Arctic Coastal Plain Rivers and Streams Data Analysis
2015 Arctic Coastal Plain Estuaries Data Analysis
2011 Arctic Coastal Plain Report Writing
Other Studies
Advance Monitoring Initiative Completed

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More information on AKMAP can be found at Background, Safety, Public Outreach, or Partners.

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