Alaska Monitoring and Assessment Program Public Outreach

AKMAP aims to inform Alaskans of the need for environmental monitoring and assessment, exchange information and ideas to the benefit of the projects and provide them with the environmental data and assessment reports so they can make educated decisions related to environmental policies and laws to help protect Alaska's waters. This effort is made through public meetings, presentations, and publications and the web.

AKMAP intends to make environmental monitoring and assessments results available in plain and technical language to all interested parties. Provide data synthesis and assessment reports in written and electronic format for the interested public, environmental managers, and environmental scientists for use in understanding environmental conditions, for regulatory application and other environmental programs.

Public Outreach Presentations or Planned Meetings
Forum Topic Presenter


2009 Forum on the Environment Advance Monitoring Initiative Doug Dasher
Coastal Projects Update Doug Dasher
Freshwater Projects Update Terri Lomax
2009, Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference AKMAP - program overview Doug Dasher

2009 Marine Science Symposium

2010 National Water Quality Monitoring Conference Implementation through Partnerships Terri Lomax

Press Releases

August 14, 2009 2009 Yukon River Survey

Brochures/ Factsheets

2008 Aleutian Factsheet
2008 Coastal Survey Factsheet
2010 Coastal Survey Factsheet
2010 Freshwater Survey Factsheet

DEC/AKMAP sends representative to various state, federal and local meetings:

  • Alaska Section American Association for the Advancement of Science Meetings
  • Alaska Arctic Council Ad-Hoc Working Group
  • Alaska Ocean Observing System
  • Oil and Gas meetings, MMS
  • NOAA Open Water meetings
  • North Aleutian Basin Energy Fisheries Workshop