Water Quality Standards

Regulations and Guidance:

IMPORTANT: When determining which water quality standard (WQS) applies to your situation, you should first review the following document for a summary of approved state and federal WQS:

Water Quality Criteria Documents:

Water Quality Criteria are generally contained in two documents: (1) Water Quality Standards and (2) Water Quality Criteria Manual for Toxics that are adopted by reference as listed below.

1. Water Quality Standards

  Current version of 18 AAC 70 WQS:

  Former versions of 18 AAC 70 WQS: (Some sections of these earlier regulations remain in effect for CWA purposes.)

2. Water Quality Criteria Manual for Toxics

Guidance Documents:

What We Do:

  • Evaluate and revise Alaska's Water Quality Standards based on science.
  • Explain the Water Quality Standards and how they are used.
  • Provide easy access to water quality standards related documents, including the regulations, proposed revisions, fact sheets, technical papers, guidance documents and issues that may be of interest

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