Engineered Wastewater Disposal Systems

Engineered Wastewater Disposal Systems

Non-conventional systems such as mound absorption systems, holding tanks and treatment units and commercial systems must have engineered plans submitted to the ADEC by an engineer (P.E.) licensed in Alaska and must be approved before construction, modification or installation. Any system that receives non-domestic waste must also complete plan review process. Written approval is not required for an emergency repair or routine maintenance; however, contact with the ADEC must be made prior to emergency repair. Upon completion of construction, modification, installation or emergency repair, record drawings must be submitted to ADEC by a licensed engineer.

The review, construction and approval process are as follows:

  • Step One - Obtain Approval to Construct from ADEC for system installation, modification or repair>
    Engineer is hired by property owner to design and prepare plan submittal. Plans are then submitted for review by ADEC engineer for compliance with ADEC 18 AAC 72 wastewater regulations. Approval to Construct is granted once plan is found to meet regulation requirements.  The Approval to Construct may include conditions for approval and typically grants a two year time period to complete construction.
    Required Submittal Documents
        1. Plans signed and sealed by Alaska registered Professional Engineer
        2. Owners Statement
        3. General Checklist and Data sheet checklist
        4. Review Fees

  • Step Two - System is Constructed
    The system is constructed according to the plans reviewed and approved by ADEC. During the construction, the design engineer will inspect and document the installation. The use of a certified installer is not required but is recommended.

  • Step Three - Obtain Approval to Operate
    Upon completion of construction, the designing engineer will submit the signed Certification of Construction form, record drawings if required, any condition verifications and, if required, a copy of the maintenance agreement between property owner and a qualified service company. The submittal is then reviewed for compliance with ADEC wastewater regulations and Approval to Operate is issued by ADEC for the new or modified system.

Waivers - The minimum requirements in 18 AAC 72 must be met unless a waiver is acquired from ADEC. A waiver request must be prepared by an Alaska licensed engineer and submitted to ADEC for review. If a waiver is granted it is applicable until the system is modified or the use of the system is modified unless otherwise noted. A waiver is not automatic and will only be approved if public health can be maintained by design and property-specific conditions.