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Seafood Processing Waste Discharges in Alaska

APDES Permits

An operator of a seafood processing facility seeking authorization to discharge wastewater to surface waters must apply for an Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (APDES) permit.

Two types of permits are available for seafood processors.

A general permit (GP) is issued on a state-wide, regional, or geographical basis for a category of disposal activities that are similar in nature and will comply with applicable water quality standards. A general permit application, known as a notice of intent (NOI) form, shall be submitted by the permittees that seek to obtain discharge authorization under the general permit.

An individual permit is issued to a specific facility that is not eligible for coverage under a general permit.

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Individual Permits

Applicants requesting an individual permit must complete the required forms found in the permit application Table 2. Navigate to the application table by clicking on the following link:
Seafood Permit Application Forms

General Permits

Applicants requesting authorization to discharge under a general permit must complete the required forms defined in Table 1 located on the following link:
Seafood Permit Application Forms

  • AKG520000 Seafood Processors in Alaska GP (Expired/Administratively Extended)
    Covers shorebased facilities and vessels operating within 3.0 nautical miles (nm) of shore at mean lower low water or baseline. No new permittees can be authorized under this permit.
  • AKG521000 Onshore Seafood Processors Wastewater Discharge GP (Under Development)
    DEC is developing this general permit for shorebased and onshore seafood processing facilities discharging to marine and fresh water.
  • AKG523000 Alaska Offshore Seafood Processors GP
    Covers seafood processors that discharge seafood processing waste between 0.5 nautical miles (nm) from shore at mean lower low water and 3.0 nm from shore or baseline. New permittees shall submit an NOI at least 90 days prior to the start of a proposed discharge.
  • AKG524000 Offshore Seafood Processors in Alaska GP
    Covers seafood processors that discharge more than 3.0 nm from shore at mean lower low water or baseline.
  • AKG528000 Seafood Processors Operating Shorebased Facilities on Kodiak Island
    This permit is expired, but most operators on Kodiak that discharge into St. Paul Harbor or Near Island Channel have administrative extension under the expired permit. These operators will be covered by the AKG521000 Onshore Seafood Processors GP when issued. For permit documents click the following link: AKG528000

Engineering Support and Plan Review

Applicants who construct, alter, install, modify, or operate any part of a nondomestic wastewater treatment works or disposal system must first have written department approval of engineering plans (Per Article 6. Nondomestic Wastewater System Plan Review 18 AAC 72.600). Written approval is not required for an emergency repair or routine maintenance; however, contact with the ADEC must be made prior to emergency repair.

The review, construction and approval process for getting approval of an engineered wastewater disposal system can be found on the Engineering Support and Plan Review webpage.

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