Seafood General Permit AKG521000

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Seafood Processing

AKG521000 Onshore Seafood Processors Wastewater Discharge GP (Not Currently Available)

AKG521000, Onshore Seafood Processors Wastewater Discharge GP. DEC is developing a general permit to authorize discharges of fish waste to marine and fresh waters from shore-based and onshore facilities. Fish waste includes seafood processing waste and other fish wastes discharged from a point source to marine water and fresh water. DEC intends to public notice a draft general permit in the coming year; see the Permit Issuance Plan on the web page under resources.

Some discharges may be covered under the expired permit AKG520000 through administrative extension. These permittees are required to continue submitting Annual Reports and NOIs to inform DEC of any material changes including operations, management, or new ownership of the facility. New dischargers cannot be covered by AKG520000. New dischargers should apply for an individual permit or may be eligible for coverage under AKG523000 or AKG524000. See Quick Links for more information.