Seafood General Permit AKG523000

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Seafood Processing

AKG523000 Alaska Offshore Seafood Processors General Permit (GP)

AKG523000, Alaska Offshore Seafood Processors GP. A seafood processor discharging seafood processing waste between 0.5 nautical miles (nm) from shore as delineated by MLLW and 3.0 nm from shore or baseline shall be required to request authorization under the new general permit, AKG523000. Permittees with administratively extended permit coverage under AKG520000 within the geographical area described above shall submit an NOI for permit AKG523000 before December 1, 2011. Permittees are encouraged to submit AKG523000 NOIs as soon as possible. New seafood processors in the AKG523000 permit coverage area shall submit an NOI at least 90 days prior to the anticipated discharge date.

Permit AKG524000 covers seafood processors discharging to waters more than 3.0 nm from shore or baseline. See Quick Links for more information.