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Seafood Processing Waste Discharge Applications

General Permits (Seafood Processors)

A number of Alaskan seafood processors are authorized to discharge wastewater under general permit AKG520000 which expired in 2006. Since AKG520000 expired, DEC has issued a new general permit for offshore processors, AKG523000, and is developing a new shorebased GP, AKG521000, to replace the old permit. During this transitional period, permittees covered by administrative extension of expired permit AKG520000 should be aware of the following:

  1. Shorebased processors discharging between shore at mean lower low water (MLLW) and 0.5 nautical miles (nm) may continue permit coverage under AKG520000 until the new permit, AKG521000, is in effect. Continued authorization to discharge under AKG520000 is contingent upon compliance with permit requirements. Permittees must submit monitoring data reports and updated NOIs for material changes to facilities in a timely manner.
  2. Near shore and offshore processors discharging seafood wastewater between, 0.5 to 3.0 nm from shore at MLLW or baseline, must seek authorization under the new general permit, AKG523000. Currently permitted operators must submit an NOI before December 1, 2011 to ensure coverage under AKG523000. New processors must submit an NOI at least 90 days prior to their intended start of discharge date.
  3. Offshore processors discharging seafood wastewater more than 3.0 nm from shore at MLLW or baseline must seek coverage under EPA permit AKG524000.

Use Table 1 to navigate to the appropriate permit or application/NOI information.

Individual Permits (Seafood Processors)

Use Table 2 to navigate to the appropriate individual permit or application information.

All applicants requesting an individual permit must complete APDES Form 1 listed in Table 2 along with any category specific applications, such as existing source, new source, or mixing zone. Individual permits are issued to large facilities and those processors discharging to restricted waters that are not covered by a general permit.

Table 1 General Permit Application/Notice of Intent (NOI)
Permit Number Permit Name Resources Description
AKG520000 Seafood Processors in Alaska Notice of Intent NOI must be completed for modifications to administratively continued facilities. DEC cannot authorize new discharges under this expired general permit.
AKG523000 Alaska Offshore Seafood Processor Online Application System Seafood processors discharging in State waters between 0.5 and 3.0 nm form shore at MLLW or baseline must submit an electronic (eNOI) by December 1, 2011 or 90 days prior to start of a new discharge.
AKG524000 NPDES Offshore Seafood Processors in Alaska Notice of Intent Current EPA General Permit for Offshore processors discharging more than 3.0 nm from shore at MLLW or baseline in U.S. water off Alaska.
Table 2 Individual Permit Applications (Seafood Processors)
Form Number Form Name Form
Form 1
General Application Form
Must be completed by all applicants required to obtain an individual APDES permit.
Form 2C
Existing Industrial Facilities
Includes Seafood Processors. Contact DEC: or (907) 269-7561
Form 2D
New Sources and New Dischargers
Application for Permit to Discharge Seafood Process Wastewater for facilities without prior permits. Contact DEC: or (907) 269-7561
APDES Form 2M Request for a Mixing Zone
Must be completed by an applicant requesting a mixing zone for a discharge.
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