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Report Oiled Wildlife

  • Gay Sheffield, Marine Advisory Program, to report oiled wildlife: 1-855-443-2397/907-434-1149
  • Peter Murphy, NOAA marine debris coordinator: 209-526-4661 or DisasterDebris@noaa.gov
  • Vera Metcalf, Eskimo Walrus Commission: 907-443-4380
  • Coast Guard Sector Anchorage, Incident Management Division: 907-271-6700
  • Ashley Adamczak, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation: 907-451-2124

Incident description


On November 7, 2012 at 12:16 ADEC received a National Response Center (NRC) incident report regarding an unknown discharge which had effected birds and seals, and caused oil soaked debris to wash ashore.

Reports of oiled wildlife have been confirmed in Gambell and Savoonga. The source of the discharge has not yet been determined. At the time, the cause of the release remains unknown.

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Response Plans and Related Documents


Weather and Tides



Oil Samples are Taken from a Lightly Oiled Common Murre Harvested Sunday, Nov. 4 in Gambell, Alaska.

A Unified Command composed of U.S. Coast Guard, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Cities of Gambell and Savoonga are investigating reports of oiled wildlife on St. Lawrence Island.

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