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Alaska Air Quality Index (AQI)

Welcome to the new DEC AQI page!

DEC transitioned to a new data acquisition system and developed this new AQI page. The PM2.5 AQI is visible in the map view below and more information is accessible by clicking on individual sites. If you have any questions about the data or how to navigate the AQI page, please contact AMQA also has a Community-Based Air Monitoring Pilot Project that uses AQMesh pods to collect air quality data in hub communities throughout Alaska.

If you would like more information on how to navigate this new AQI page, please visit our guidance page here.

Disclaimer: When you first load the webpage, please wait a few seconds for the map to show Alaska (approx. 5 seconds). The timestamps on data are in Alaska Standard Time and are time-beginning readings. During Daylight Savings, this will cause an offset of two hours between the timestamps on the website data and current clock time. During Standard Time, there will be an offset of one hour. Data is updated approximately 10 minutes after the top of the hour. 

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