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Alaska Environmental Radiation Studies

Long Term Hydrological Monitoring Program: Amchitka, Alaska 1997 (PDF 4.9M); EPA, June 1998, EPA-402-R-98-002

Radionuclides in the Arctic Seas from the Former Soviet Union: Potential Health and Ecological Risks; US DOE, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, November 1, 1997, UCRL-CR-136696 (PDF 9.9M) (This full report will print out as one large document unless you select a range of pages.)

The following links are smaller PDF segments of the full report:


Executive Summary


Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Source-Term Analyses of Potential Radionuclide Releases Relevant to the Arctic Seas and Northwest Pacific Ocean

Chapter 3: Transport of Radionuclides in the Arctic Seas

Chapter 4: Bioconcentration of Radionuclides in Marine Food-Web Organisms

Chapter 5: Assessment of Risks to Marine Aquatic Populations Resulting from Exposures to Radionuclides in Arctic Seas

Chapter 6: Assessment of Risks to Alaska Populations from Exposures to Radionuclides in Subsistence Diets

Chapter 7: Assessment Results, conclusions, and Recommendations

Appendix A: Ecosystems in Arctic Areas of Concern

Appendix B: Radiation Doses and Dose Rates Resulting in Mortality

Appendix C: Inherent Radiosensivity Factors

Appendix D: Subsistence Diets

Appendix E: Worksheet for Estimating Individual Doses



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