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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

DEC is in the process of updating most of the SOPs for the monitoring equipment used throughout the state. Each link is directed to the most up to date version of the SOP, and the status/date columns will be updated as work progresses. For SOPs under revision or development, the State will use a previous version or a SOP from other state or local government agencies. The interim document is identified in the comment section and can be accessed as well. Older versions of SOPs and other guidance documents will be retained on a separate page and can be accessed below.

SOP for: Date Status Comments
PM10 & PM2.5 - Met One 1020 Beta Attenuation Mass (BAM) Monitor 2020 Final  
PM2.5 - R&P Inc. Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) Series 1400a Particulate Monitor 2009 Final  
PM2.5 - R&P Inc. Partisol FRM Model 2000i/2025i Particulate Monitor 2019 Final  
PM2.5 - Super Spiral Ambient Speciation Sampler (SSASS) 2009 Final See also the Addendum (PDF)
PM2.5 - Filter Weighing Lab Procedures 2017 Final  
Carbon Monoxide by Non-Dispersive Infrared Radiation, Gas Filter Correlation (NDIR-GFC) 2015 Final  
AQS Data Submittal 2003 Under Revision  
Data Handling, Including the DRDAS Data Acquisition Software 2009 Under Revision  
Data Management 2020 Final  
Ozone (O3) Monitoring by UV Absorption 2016 Final  
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Monitoring by Ultraviolet Fluorescence 2016 Final  
Meteorological Monitoring 2000 Under Revision Interim Document from the State of Washington's Dept. of Ecology
NOx by Chemiluminescence 2016 Final  

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