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AERMOD Meteorological Data

ADEC is providing the following previously approved AERMOD‐ready meteorological data files for informational purposes. Additional data sets will be provided over time.

Permit applicants may use these files in an AERMOD modeling assessment if the measured parameters represent the plume transport conditions of their modeled emissions units. However, applicants may first need to reprocess outdated files with the current version of AERMET. ADEC can provide the previously developed AERMET input files to help with this task.

Data Set Period Surface/Profile Files Data Summary Last Updated
Homer NWS 2009‐2013 Homer NWS (ZIP) Homer NWS Summary (PDF) 10/26/2015
Kenai Airport 2008‐2012 Kenai Airport (ZIP) Kenai Airport Summary (PDF) 11/09/2018
Milne Point Unit L-Pad 2010‐2011 Milne Point Unit L-Pad (ZIP) Milne Point Unit L-Pad Summary (PDF) 04/27/2017
Nuiqsut & KRU DS1F 2001‐2013 Nuiqsut & KRU DS1F (ZIP) Nuiqsut & KRU DS1F Summary (PDF) 08/27/2018
Prudhoe Bay A Pad 2009‐2013 Prudhoe A Pad (ZIP) A Pad Summary (PDF) 12/05/2018
Saint Paul Airport 2007‐2011 Saint Paul Airport (ZIP) Saint Paul Summary (PDF) 10/17/2013

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