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Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Plant

Agrium US Inc. (Agrium) is planning the restart of one ammonia and one urea plant (plants 4 and 5) at Agrium’s Kenai Nitrogen Operations (KNO) Facility. The KNO Facility is located at Mile 21 of the Kenai Spur Highway, Nikiski, Alaska. The ammonia plant converts natural gas with added steam and air to produce ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Feedstocks for the urea plant include CO2 and NH3. The utility plant generates the power and steam needed to operate the ammonia and urea plants. Final products are loaded at the Product Loading Wharf for shipment.

For air modeling files please contact Dave Jones at 907-465-5122 or at

Date Title and Document Download Category Program
05/21/2019 Attachment B Emission Calculations (XLS 956K) emission calculations Agrium
05/21/2019 PSD Interim Extension Request for AQ0083CPT06 (PDF 279K) extension request Agrium
05/21/2019 Attachmnent C BACT Appendix B Cost Estimates (XLS 37K) Appendix, BACT Agrium
05/21/2019 Attachment C BACT Apprendix A RBLC (XLS 125K) BACT, Appendix, RBLC Agrium
05/21/2019 AQ0083CPT07 Application (PDF 2M) application Agrium
08/09/2019 Attachment B Emission Calculations (XLS 977K) emission calculations Agrium
08/09/2019 Primary Reformer BACT Analysis (PDF 271K) BACT Agrium
08/09/2019 John Zink Flare Emissions (PDF 991K) Agrium
08/09/2019 Attachment C BACT (PDF 484K) BACT Agrium
08/09/2019 ADEC Response (DOC 23K) repsonse ADEC
08/09/2019 Information Request Response KNO Facility AQ0083CPT07 (PDF 3M) information request Agrium
08/09/2019 Catalytic Oxidizer Cost Analysis (XLS 53K) cost analysis Agrium
08/28/2019 Attachment B Emission Calculations (XLS 1M) Emission Calculations Agrium
08/28/2019 Q OVer D Calculations Email (PDF 1M) Agrium
08/28/2019 Attachment B Emission Calculations Corrected (XLS 1M) emission calculations Agrium
08/28/2019 Corrected Q over D Spreadsheet Email (PDF 1M) Agrium
09/13/2019 Cat Oxidizer Cost Analysis (XLS 53K) Agrium
09/13/2019 John Zink Flare Emissions (PDF 991K) Agrium
09/13/2019 Primary Reformer BACT (PDF 271K) BACT Agrium
09/13/2019 RE-External Setting Up Meeting to Discuss New Q over D Calculations (PDF 137K) Agrium
01/08/2020 Information Request for Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Operations Application AQ0083CPT07 (PDF 1M) information request Agrium
01/08/2020 OAQPS Control Cost Manual Oxidizers Incinerator (PDF 1M) Agrium
01/31/2020 Alaska 2017 (XLS 2M) Agrium
01/31/2020 Increment Consumption Approach (DOC 23K) Agrium
01/31/2020 Email Emission Summary of Sources Near KNO Facility 1/31/2020 (PDF 2M) email Agrium
01/31/2020 Email Emission Summary of Sources near KNO Facility (PDF 167K) email Agrium
05/19/2020 AQ0083CPT07 Technical Review Response (PDF 684K) Agrium
05/20/2020 Increment Modeling Report (PDF 472K) email Agrium
05/20/2020 May 2020 KNO Modeling Report Version 1 (PDF 380K) Agrium
11/10/2020 PPMV to LB per MMBtu Turbine (XLS 17K) ADEC
11/10/2020 AQ0083CPT07 Emission Calculations Department Updated (XLS 1M) emission calculations ADEC
11/10/2020 Alaska Pipeline Project GTP CO2 Capture Study (PDF 2M) BACT ADEC
11/10/2020 BACT CO + VOC Cost Analyses Department (XLS 53K) BACT ADEC
11/10/2020 BACT GHG Cost Analyses Department (XLS 153K) BACT ADEC
11/10/2020 BACT NOx Cost Analyses Department (XLS 43K) BACT ADEC
11/10/2020 List of Sources within 55 km (XLS 52K) ADEC
11/10/2020 CO2 Vent (ZIP 255K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Combined Cycle Turbines Small (ZIP 180K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Cooling Towers (ZIP 465K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Flares (ZIP 1M) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 H2 Vent (ZIP 3M) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Heaters Medium (ZIP 257K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Reformer (ZIP 319K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 RICE Diesel Small (ZIP 645K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 RICE Gasoline Small (ZIP 10K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Storage Tanks (ZIP 193K) RBLC ADEC
11/10/2020 Urea Granulation (ZIP 117K) RBLC ADEC
11/09/2020 Agrium's Draft AQ0083CPT07 Pre-Permit 11-06-2020 SoLoNOx (DOC 212K) application Agrium
11/09/2020 Suggested Permit Language SoLoNOx Email 11-2020 (PDF 308K) Agrium

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