Labs Approved for Contaminated Sites Analysis Including Underground Storage Tank Sites

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Public Notice-Changes to UST Lab Approval

You can press search now to return all labs or you can restrict the labs returned by chosing the Lab name, Methods and/or Analytes you are looking for below. If you want to search for Labs that use the chosen Methods only for the chosen Analytes, use the AND operator. Alternatively, if you want to search for Labs that use either the chosen Methods or can test for the chosen Analytes use the OR operator. The "Any" and "All" radio buttons let you decide whether the lab you are searching for must match all of the selected criteria in that field or just some of them. Any field that is left blank or has "Show All" chosen will not affect the search. As stated above, leaving all fields blank will pull up information about all approved Labs.


The department in providing these lists does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the data generated by these laboratories. A laboratory that is certified or approved has established that they have the ability to implement a quality control program in accordance with the appropriate Federal or State regulations or statutes.

Note... When choosing a lab from this list, request the lab supply a copy of their current ADEC approval letter.  These letters detail the methods, matrices, and dates for which the lab has approval.  Labs must renew their approval and pass performance evaluation samples annually.  Failure to do so results in the revocation of a lab's approval.