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Septic Tracking System

Welcome to Alaska's Online Septic Tracking System (SEPTS). This page is provided as a public service by the Alaska Division of Water. The Division makes no representation regarding septic location, completeness or accuracy of the data in the database or data extraction procedures provided. The user assumes responsibility for verification of the information provided. To provide comments, ask questions, or report an error, please send an email to or contact your local ADEC office

Note: Currently this database is being populated with information. The document you are looking for may not have been scanned and uploaded at this time. To inquire about the status of a recently constructed system, please contact your local ADEC office. Department staff can assist in the operation of this database; however, a $25 search fee is assessed when requesting Department staff to search and retrieve property specific record information.

Search Directions:

  • If you know the SeptsKey, then you can search for it exclusively by using the Search Keys option.
  • Otherwise, enter information into the additional fields below, and Search. Results will match ALL inputs.
  • For help locating your legal description, these resources may help your search.
  • For best results, search by subdivision name without lot or block numbers. For example,
    if searching for records for the "A A Mattox 1958 Addn No 5 Lot 1 Block 3", search by "Mattox"
  • To limit your results, it is best to choose your area office
  • Pressing Search will display matching records on the right hand side.
  • Clicking on View next to any of these records will display detailed information below.
  • You can close the details view, by clicking on the Close Detail View button, just above and to the right of the list of details.


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