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The Drinking Water Program has engineers and support staff in four offices. Engineering staff generally work on the following:

  • Reviews of public water system engineering plans for construction or operational approval requests
  • Reviews of separation distance waiver requests
  • Inspections and guidance supporting the long-term sustainability of water systems (capacity development)
  • Sanitary survey inspections
  • Complaint investigations and regulatory enforcement
  • Other duties such as emergency response, training for staff and the public, community outreach, and technical support

Much of the engineering work load is affected by weather and the construction season. The busiest periods for engineering submittals are generally early spring and fall. Spring also corresponds with flooding. Drinking Water Program engineers support communities during floods and other emergencies. Our role on the response team is to assess impacts to water systems and to provide guidance and assistance for emergency water systems. Sanitary surveys and other water system inspections are conducted during non-snow covered months, unless better information on the water system can be obtained in the winter.

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