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Monitoring Summary

The monitoring summary is a document put together each year by the Drinking Water Program staff that outlines the sampling, inspection, and reporting requirements for a Public Water System (PWS). The monitoring summary is a helpful planning tool for PWSs to identify samples and other requirements that need to be completed within a given year to help stay in compliance with Drinking Water Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an electronic copy of my monitoring summary?

Copies of your monitoring summary are available on the Drinking Water Watch. If you're unsure of where to find this on the Drinking Water Watch. Please see the "How to view your Monitoring Summary from the Drinking Water Watch" document posted under the Guidance Document section to the right.

What kind of information does a monitoring summary include?

The monitoring summary lists what contaminants need to be sampled and where the sample should be collected. It also includes information on when the Sanitary Survey is due along with other requirements such as the Consumer Confidence Report or follow up actions on Sanitary Survey deficiencies.

Once I have received my monitoring summary, now what?

Once you have received your monitoring summary a few planning techniques you can implement include:

  • Post the monitoring summary on the wall in the water plant or office.
  • Sample as early as possible.
  • Write down in your calendar or set up email reminders for days to collect samples.
  • Use the monitoring summary when planning your budget to make sure you've included enough money to complete your sampling for the year.
  • Complete all lab forms accurately.

How should I coordinate with labs?

When you have reviewed your monitoring summary carefully and need to start sampling, you will want to contact a state certified lab to order sample kits. Each system can choose any state certified lab they wish to use and can find the lab and contact information by clicking the link called State Certified Labs under the Links section to the right.

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