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Alaska Food Protection Task Force Meeting Minutes

In Attendence

  • Sarah Lewis (Cooperative Extension), Kate Helfrich (DHSS, SOE), Anne Frick (DHSS, SOE), Steve Lacy (Fred Meyers), Darcy Harris (MOA, Health), Jeff Hickman (MOA, Health), Darcy Harris (MOA, Health), Chef Amy Foote (Alaska Native Medical Center), Jo Dawson (Child Nutrition Services), Robbi Mixon (Alaska Farmers Market Association), Katey Kennedy (FDA), Dr. Brian Himelbloom (UAF, Kodiak Marine Science and Seafood Center), Melissa Chlupach (UAA Dietetics Program), Dena Cologgi (DEC Produce Safety Program), Ryan Wiswesser (Chugach Chocolates), Kim Stryker (DEC/FSS), Brehan Kohl (DEC/FSS), Jeremy Ayers (DEC/FSS), Dorothy Duncan (EH/DEC), Nate Bruns (DEC/FSS), Lorinda Lhotka (DEC/FSS)

Program Updates - Kim Stryker

Program Updates:

  • Staffing changes
    • Anchorage office - New Environmental Health Technician (EHT) for Retail Food Permitting is Nate Bruns. Lani Thompson promoted to Environmental Health Officer (EHO) III. 
    • Currently recruiting EHO I/II Ketchikan.
    • Fairbanks office- Non-perm EHT hired Nate Collin. EHO I/II interview next week.
    • Wasilla office – Nathan Maxwell promoted to EHO III.  Krista Weydahl hired as EHO I/II.
    • Juneau – Recruitment just closed for EHO I/II.
  • Food Code Discussion
    • 21 CFR Part 110 repealed and replaced by 21 CFR 117. Food manufacturing really has taken off in the last 10 years.  Part I revision to the Alaska Food Code will focus on food manufacturers.  Want manufacturers to have more modern requirements and make more of a distinction between manufacturing and retail.
    • Impacts – special processes
    • Update shellfish requirements for consistency
    • Last update 2005. Phase I public comments and Notice hopefully by November.  Phase II later.

Member Updates

Section of Epidemiology- Kate Helferich and Anne Frick

  • Last bulletin released on scombrotoxin generating media interest.
  • Working with labs transitioning to genome analysis from fingerprint DNA.
  • Historically works with CDC (Centers for Excellence) This location is switching from Oregon to Washington.


Municipality of Anchorage 

Produce inspections started nationally in April. This year the inspections will only take place in firms with over $500,000 in food sales. This accounts for one firm in Alaska, and the inspection will take place later this summer. The first year is intended to be an educational year of what is in the rule and what is expected.

Katie Hubbard

A safety professional in a tribal entity in Kenai wants to gain training to help with oversight of food facilities in their area. Some possible training include taking ServSafe, taking FDA trainings that may be beneficial and available online, and going out with Environmental Health Officers from FSS while they do inspections. A facility reached out to find out information on ATP monitoring for cleanliness. However, this is expensive and it would be more beneficial to focus on practices and spend money on training.

Topics for Next Meeting

How to promote YUCK line/Facility Complaints

Next Meeting October 19, 2019

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