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Certified Food Protection Manager

Alaska regulations require food establishments to have at least one Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) on staff. If you work in the Municipality of Anchorage, please contact them to verify their requirements.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact an Environmental Health Officer in your area.

Upcoming Classes

Alaska CHARR in-person courses offered throughout the state.

UAF Cooperative Extension Service video conference training throughout the state

Chef Marshie Morgan's online food manager course. (PDF)

Kristie May Parsons State-wide ServSafe Examinations & Classes (PDF)

Fernwood Food Safety Flyer (PDF)

CFPM Information

What is a CFPM? A CFPM is a person who has passed one of the ANSI-CFP Accredited Program exams.

Why is it important to have a CFPM? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided an informational poster (PDF) about the benefits of having a CFPM on staff.

How much does it cost to get a CFPM certification? Costs for testing and training range from $75 - $299

How long are certifications valid? Five years.

How long is a CFPM class? Training programs (in person and online) average 4-12 hours in length. Testing usually lasts no longer than two hours.

How do I add my name as a CFPM trainer/proctor and/or list an upcoming class? Email a flyer and business name to your local Environmental Health Officer.

Regions of Alaska

Arctic Alaska

No instructors listed at this time.

Western Alaska

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Jennifer Dobson, REHS Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation 907-543-6424
Jacqueline E Chase RD Nutrition Consulting 907-842-3565 or 907-842-9276
Virginia Durant, Assistant Business Manager Lower Yukon School District 907-591-2411
Pat Owens, CFPM Proctor Alaska CHARR 907-842-5579  
Kristie Parsons   907-982-3330

Interior Alaska

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Jason Capp, ServSafe Instructor Alaska CHARR 907-347-8653
Julie Cascio UAF Cooperative Extension Service 907-745-3677
Krynn Singdahlsen Quality Sales Food Service 907-322-7690

Southcentral Alaska

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
David Ahlberg ServSafe and TAP Series Instructor/Proctor 907-252-5432
Julia Fawcett & Earl Pettyjohn, Certified Proctors JAF Food Safety & Consulting 907-333-5369
Rebecca Jesse, ServSafe Instructor/Proctor East Anchorage High School 907-244-7900
Allen McCarty Alaska CHARR 907-224-4346
Kristie Parsons   907-982-3330
Sandy Cecere Thomson Prometric 800-786-3926 x3257  
Philip Rubalcava, ServSafe Instructor/Proctor   907-398-4980
Jerome Oates, Certified Prometric Instructor/Proctor Pops Food Safety Training Big Lake, AK 907-355-8873
Sarah Shepard, ServSafe Instructor/Proctor Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant & Retailers Association 907-274-8133 or 1-800-778-2427
John Walker JTAK Food Safety 907-398-2584
Gary May Faith Mountain Inc 907-713-7672

Southwest Alaska

No instructors listed at this time.

Southeast Alaska

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Jo Dawson, ServSafe Instructor/Proctor Rainsong Training Services 907-209-0904
Sam Horpestad   907-254-0778  
  UAS Ketchikan Campus ServSafe Proctor Only 907-228-4524

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